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For the Love
of Food and Tradition

We're passionate about authentic food and the power it has to bring people together. Sharing a range of dishes together, not each to their own.

We love the process of cooking and sharing our food; but our greatest pleasure is seeing you enjoy a taste of our traditions.

Image by sour moha
Image by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga
Spices in Moroccan Market


Tagine Mt Lawley was opened in 2019 by Elyas Bahbah, who had a love for food and a wealth of experience having worked in restaurants for most of his life. 

However, Elyas wanted to downsize to a more intimate venue, hence opening Leederville and closing Mt Lawley. Along with Head chef Rewar, they banded together to ensure they kept going during these difficult few years of Covid. The community support has helped Tagine to continue delivering delicious Middle Eastern and Moroccan food.

In 2022, Tagine now has a location in Leederville owned by Rewar (the head Chef) and whilst Beaufort St has found a new calling, Elyas opened up its doors at a second location in North Perth. 

Our Family

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Father and Daughter

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Old Friends

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Mother and Kids


In his element

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